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Acuity laser sensors are precision measuring devices manufactured by Schmitt Measuring Systems, Inc. Acuity products include CMOS detector laser displacement sensor models for accurate measuring and a laser rangefinder for long-distance sensing. Acuity laser measurement tools are made in the United States and are used by worldwide customers in forest products, metal working, medical, semiconductor, electronics, and heavy industrial applications.

Acuity laser sensors allow non-contact measurement technology be more accurate and fast measurment.

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White Light Confocal Displacement Sensors

Extremely-precise distance and position measurement

The AccuRange™ CCS Prima white light confocal displacement sensor is the most precise measurement system from Acuity. Using a novel optical principle of measuring the reflected light’s component
wavelengths, these confocal sensors measure distance and position to within tens of nanometers. These compact probes can measure to opaque, shiny or even transparent surfaces.

Unlike the other Acuity distance sensors, the Prima Confocal systems are comprised of an optical measurement "pen" and a separate controller. This controller houses all of the electronics, light source, etc. Only emitted white light and reflected signals are passed between the pen and the controller via a thin fiber-optic transmission cable.

The Confocal-Chromatic Sensors (CCS) are offered in a variety of measurement ranges and standoff distances, each with corresponding resolutions. The shortest-range models resolve to 5 nanometers of height change!

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Dual wavelength optical particle spectrometer

In this recently developed instrument we implemented a new method for simultaneous measurement of size distribution, concentration, optical absorption and complex refractive index of aerosol particles.these parameters allow to indentify the sources of pollutant aerosol particles that can be a main advantage in environmental protection, health and saftey and the detection of industrial aerosol sources

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Laser doppler anemometer

Laser Doppler Anemometer – Nano LDA

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Stress and deformation measurement

Our new holographic gage-camera can measure complete 3D vector fields of surface deformations with extreme sensitivity (at fractions of the laser light wavelenghth) and simultaneously at every point of the surface – without any contact with the surface itself.

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