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Skyray Instrument, as an industry technology leader, is constantly exploring the pinnacle of analytical field and providing customers with more advanced products and more satisfied services, meanwhile, providing more perfect solutions to electronics, electric appliances, jewelries, toys, food, construction material, metallurgy, minerals, plastic, petroleum, chemistry, medicine and other industries, promoting rapid economic globalization.

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Product Highlight

Rohs Analyzer

Model EDX1800B



- Measurable elements: S to U

- Limit of detection (LOD) reaches 1ppm

- Excellent repeatability 0.1%

- Long-time working stability 0.1%

.Download brochure EDX1800B

Plating Thickness Analyzer

Model Thick800A



- Analyzable minium thicknes down to 0.01um

- Collimator is within 0.1mm and facula is within 0.2mm

- Electronic height sensor

- High stability copper X-ray tube with micro facula

- High-accuracy movable sample platform

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Alloy Analyzer

Model EDX3600H



- EDX3600H alloy analyzer is developed by Skyray for alloy testing, reaches the international advanced level

- Testing sample include all alloy or metal components from Na to U

- Silicon drift detector (SDD), provided better energy linerity, resolution, spectrum characteristics and higher peak/base ratio

- Skyray's patent - Signal to noise enhancer (SNE), improves the signal processing ability by 25times or more.

- Built-in CMOS HD camera

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