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For 30 years, specialists of NT-MDT LLC (Moscow) and all employees of the NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments group of companies have been involved in the development, production and support of research equipment, primarily atomic force microscopes (AFM) and their combinations with ultra-high resolution spectroscopy. Our journey has been marked by the creation of a large number of devices, the functions and capabilities of which cover a wide range of customer needs in various fields: university education, academic and industrial research. NT-MDT's pioneering efforts have resulted in an impressive combination of scanning probe microscopy with Raman spectroscopy and advanced optical microscopy techniques.

Today, scanning probe microscopes and systems that combine AFM methods and various methods of optical microscopy and spectroscopy for nanoscale objects developed at NT-MDT LLC (Moscow, Zelenograd) are known all over the world. The innovative business of NT-MDT LLC is represented by companies in Russia, Europe, the USA, and China, united by common registered trademarks NT-MDT and NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments, as well as by distributors in more than 30 countries around the world!

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AFT-Raman-Nano-IR Systems

Integration of AFM with cutting-edge optical methods for scientific research



Versatile automated AFM-Raman, SNOM and TERS system

Main features:

  • High-performance versatile AFM
  • Optical access from top, side and bottom optimized for Raman, TERS and SNOM
  • Flexible optical design providing any combination of excitation/collection configurations
  • Automated AFM laser, probe and photodiode alignment
  • User-friendly change of wavelength of AFM registration system laser and photodiode
  • Easy and user-friendly change of objectives
  • Integration with IR s-SNOM (optional)

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Ultralow drift advanced AFM-IR & s‑SNOM imaging and spectroscopy

Main features:

  • IR s‑SNOM microscopy and spectroscopy with 10 nm spatial resolution
  • Wide spectral range of operation: 3-12 μm
  • Incredibly low thermal drift and high signal stability
  • Versatile AFM with advanced modes: SRI (conductivity), KPFM (surface potential), SCM (capacitance), MFM (magnetic properties), PFM (piezoelectric forces)
  • HybriD Mode™ - quantitative nanomechanical mapping
  • Integration with microRaman (optional)
  • The ability of s‑SNOM measurements in the visible spectral range (optional)

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The only open design AFM that delivers infinite capabilities

NTEGRA is a multifunctional device for performing the most typical tasks in the field of Scanning Probe Microscopy. The device is capable of performing more than 40 measuring methods, what allows analyzing physical and chemical properties of the surface with high precision and resolution. It is possible to carry out experiments in air, as well as in liquids and in controlled environment.

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Easy to use technology enabling multiple AFM/STM capabilities and delivering world class performance

Main features

  • Industry leading automation level
  • Outstanding noise floor and thermal drifts
  • Fast scanner with XYZ low-noise close-loop
  • Routine atomic resolution
  • 60+ SPM modes in basic configuration
  • Continuous zoom from millimeter to nanometer range
  • Integrated with new Atomic Force Microscopy technique HybriD Mode™

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Cutting-edge Atomic Force Microscopy techniques for large and multiple samples

Ultimate imaging quality with build-in acoustic and vibration isolation, active thermostabilization, industry lowest 25 fm/√Hz optical beam deflection sensor noise and unique design of scanning-by-tip system allow routine high resolution imaging.

Equipped with 50+ AFM modes including HybriD mode: all cutting-edge nanomechanical, electrical and magnetic studies are available in basic configuration.

Automated study of samples arrays by user-defined scenario with database image storage.

Up to 200×200 mm and 40 mm in height samples inspection in any point with 1 μm positioning accuracy.

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Atomic Force Microscope for Research & Education

Solver Nano is designed by the NT-MDT SI team that also created High Performance Systems like NTEGRA, NEXT II and NTEGRA Spectra II which have been proven in the scientific community through many key publications.

Solver Nano is equipped with a professional 100 micron CL (closed loop XYZ) piezotube scanner with low noise capacitance sensors. Capacitance sensors in comparison with strain gauge and optical sensors have lower noise and higher speed in the feedback signal. The CL scanner is controlled by a professional workstation and software.

These capabilities enable all of the basic AFM techniques in compact SPM design.

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